Board of directors

Here’s a list Racketlon Canada Board of Directors and their respective city location:

  • High Performance Director: Dany Lessard (Dorval)
  • President Rob Edward (Ottawa)
  • Vice-President: Rod Bedard (Deux-Montagnes)
  • Ontario Development Director: Jamie Herman (Toronto)
  • Central Development Director: Evan Mancer (Winnipeg)
  • Treasurer: Steve Mikovich (Ottawa)
  • Ranking Chairman: Damaris Brix (Victoria)
  • Canadian Tour Chairman: Rod Bedard (Deux-Montagnes, Qc)
  • IT Director: Jeremy Easterbrook (Montréal)
  • Athletes’ Representative: Frederic D’Amours (Rivière-du-Loup)
  • Pacific Development Director: Damaris Brix (Victoria)
  • Social Media Director: Mike Martynyshyn  (Barry, Ont)
  • Junior commission: Rob Edwards, Rod Bedard, Pat Laplante (Ganby) and Carlos Loo (Ottawa)


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