About Racketlon

How to play

By definition, Racketlon is built on the concept of a match involving the same two individuals (or pairs in doubles) playing each other in all four sports : table-tennis, badminton, squash, tennis.

Each sport is identically formatted, generally one 21 points game.

In the end, the winner is the player (or pair in doubles) who wins the most points of the racketlon match. One could lose three sports and still win the match (for example: tt:18-21, b: 18-21, s: 18-21, t: 21-5).

The sets are played in the following order (from smaller to larger rackets): table tennis, badminton, squash, tennis.

Other than the scoring and serving rules, each of the four sports are governed by their respective governing body.


You can help Racketlon Canada by joining the board of directors. Many positions are available so you can make a difference to the sport.

Please contact Racketlon Canada today!


Here’s a list Racketlon Canada Board of Directors and their respective city location.

I had played different racket sports during my youth, and in 2013, I saw a flyer for a Racketlon tournament in Montreal’s West Island and decided to participate. I got hooked instantly. Since then, I have played in many tournaments in Canada and the United States.

Wanting to get involved with increasing the Racketlon community, I joined the Board of Directors of Racketlon Canada as its President in 2018.

I love the competitiveness of Racketlon and also the friendliness of the players. Apart from being a Racketlon fan and player, I am an owner of a company that imports and distributes fine food products.

Jason joined the Racketlon Canada Board in 2017 supporting its marketing efforts. Jason played his first Racketlon in Ottawa that year and has been hooked ever since.

He grew up playing badminton nationally as well as playing tennis and squash for fun. Jason's favourite parts of Racketlons is the training and the comradery at tournaments.

When not on a court, Jason is a Vice-President at Microsoft Canada.

Jeremy started playing racketlon at the age of 17. He's been ranked #1 in Canada for over 5 consecutive years.

He's been involved with Racketlon Canada first as a webmaster, then Communications Director, and now as VP of Racketlon Canada.

Jeremy is an entrepreneur, tech enthusiast and AI evangelist.

Damaris Brix lives in Victoria, BC and has been competing in one racquet sport or another for 45+ years. She holds national titles in badminton and Pickleball.

She and husband Peter were dubbed the Golden Couple of Racketlon. In 2012 they competed for Team Canada in the World Racketlon Championships in Sofia, Bulgaria and won the 45+ mixed doubles title.

Damaris is a retired school administrative assistant and is the ranking chairperson for Racketlon Canada.

Rodrigue Bédard is from Deux-Montagnes, Québec and entered his first Racketlon in 2006 in Toronto. Since then he has been involved as a player, parent, Tournament Director, President of Racketlon Canada and is now the Canadian Tour Chairman.

The best results for this table tennis specialist were two elite singles semi-finals in World Tour events and a win in doubles and in the O-45 at an international challenger.

He is a physical education teacher in a Montreal college and plays two of the racket sports every week. His favorite Racketlon was the Edmonton one with its 130 participants.

Andy played his first Racketlon Tournament in Granby QC on the weekend of his 50th birthday. He was immediately hooked and he has continued to play since that time.

Andy held the #1 Canadian senior ranking for a number of years and he represented Great Britain as a member of the +55 team in the 2019 world championships in Leipzig Germany. Most recently Andy earned a silver medal playing in the over 55's world doubles championships held in Prague in 20201.

Andy lives in the US, is on the board of Racketlon USA, and serves as the US.

Patrick is from Granby, Quebec and has been playing racketlon since the age of 17 after playing table tennis, tennis and badminton since a young age. He has been ranked #1 in Canada for the last few years and went as high as #12 in the world. In 2012, he won the world championships in the U21 category.

He has been on the Board of Directors of Racketlon Canada for the last 10 years holding roles of Ranking Chairman, Junior Development Chairman and International Federation Liaison. He has also held a position on the Board of the Federation Internationale de Racketlon.

Patrick is a Physical Education and Health teacher in elementary schools.

Organize a tournament

Would you like a Racketlon tournament organized in your town?

At first, holding a racketlon can be a very challenging task. Racketlon Canada’s mission is to develop the sport across Canada and is helping organizers with :

  • Tournament facilities
  • Prize and equipment sponsors
  • Promotion
  • Find volunteers
  • International tournament status

Contact Racketlon Canada today and bring Racketlon to your town!

Click the link below if you want to have an idea of the requirement to host a Racketlon Canada Tour event.


International partners

Launched in March 2007 by FIR President Marcel Weigl. It is now the Official homepage of the FIR.

Canada partners
Racket Sports in Canada Ressource:
Pacific Rim Open

Annual Pacific Rim Racketlon Open held at the Cedar Hill Recreation Centre in Victoria, British Columbia.

Championnat de Racketlon de Granby

The international Granby racketlon tournament, officially sponsored by Allergan in 2010. It has a Super World Tour Status.

Edmonton Smackdown by Dansol

Tennis enthusiast Hyacinthe Fallu, is holding this first official tournament in Alberta in 2011 at The Royal Glenora Club.

Canadatour-racketlon.tripod.com (not updated anymore)

The homepage of the Canadian Racketlon Tour started by Canadian Racketlon enthusiast Jamie Herman in 2006. It was Racketlon Canada’s official website so you can still find a lot of useful information on there.

Canadianracketlon.ca (expired)

The Canadian Racketlon Open tournament website, started by Racketlon enthusiast John O’Donnell, who organized the first Canadian Open in 2004 – a great success considering it was the first Racketlon event in North America. This tournament has now reached Super World Tour status; only 2 other tournaments in the worlds have this this privilege. Stephane Cadieux was the organizer.


Launched in May 2001 by Hans Mullamaa (the initiator and first President of the International Racketlon Federation). Officially founded in September 2002 the official homepage of the FIR, a role it kept until 2007. Meanwhile Racketlon.com continues to promote Racketlon worldwide, in cooperation with the FIR and anyone else who wants to help.

In the media

To contact Racketlon Canada: [email protected].


Here’s a few racketlon videos that might interest you! Send this page to your friends… they might pick-up the sport too!

  • Canada vs Germany 2010 Worlds
  • Promotional Racketlon movie
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  • Cedar Springs Racketlon Challenge (Toronto Open) Video